Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blow Out the Moon Remembrance Reality Reflection

Gaze at a page of anoxic brain injury explanations and definitions, causes and effects, then turn to Philip Hasouris’s Blow Out the Moon Remembrance Reality Reflection. The first gives you the impression that removing oxygen from a human brain is like taking an eraser to the blackboard, gone. The second gives you the blood, memories, and scent of the beloved who remains. Anyone in a longtime relationship can feel the immediacy of love in these poems; feel the gut wrenching punch of loss, the need for continued connection, the need for ritual familiarity in unchartered waters, and the rage against an inexorable fate. Philip Hasouris ‘s gift to us is this collection of poems that takes us on a spiritual journey of a love shared from hip to hip. He gives words to those of us who are mute.